Brash. Feminist. Comic. Weirdo.


I'm Andie. Friends call me Bolt. I'm a WRITER for MTV's Mary+Jane coming to MTV September 5th. Look for me as Miss Cannabis the extremely talented vagina joint roller. Snoop was just announced as one of our EP's which is dope. 

I'm a stand up comic an sketch comedian. You can follow my TWITTER to find out about shows at various comedy clubs around LA including UCB, on TV shows like PARKS AND RECREATIONHulu's SAVING LIVES (which I also wrote) and every Wednesday you can hear my sweet voice discuss all things apocalypse on my podcast BUNKER BUDDIES.

I'm DIRECTING & PRODUCING documentary with the help of Nerdist Industries and EP Chris Hardwick. "WoW Mom"  currently in post production. 

Owner of a production company Red Bolt Films that seeks to tell great stories while empowering women along the way both in front and behind the camera.

Wish I had more time to put into my disgusting dope Nail Art Instagram @NAILEDMYSELF.

Thanks for the drop by, feel free to just ask me...

If you wanna talk legit biznaz hit up my reps at CAA, Olivia Blaustein and Praveen Pandian.